HypnoRestorative Yoga

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A Hypnotherapy-Yoga Experience

Build your practice from the inside out. Utilizing creative visualization and hypnotherapy imagery we tap into the subconscious to affect a sense of complete relaxation and create change at the subconscious level.

Combining the practice of yoga nidra, transpersonal hypnotherapy and restorative yoga postures these workshops will guide you through a woven tapestry that will allow your mind to release and provide an ideal opportunity for profound healing to occur.  You will leave feeling rested and renewed and you may find yourself ready to move forward in many ways in your life.

No previous yoga experience necessary! Suitable for all levels from the novice to those looking to take their practice to the next level.
This is restorative style class and all poses are executed on the floor utilizing props to support complete physical relaxation.

Upcoming Workshops @The Texas Yoga Retreat

Details Coming Soon:  Appearing in New Mexico and Arizona

Most recently seen @ The Flagstaff Yoga Festival and The South Bay Yoga Conference