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There a many brands of oils that I think are awesome! Young Living and Doterra are both great brands as well. I have started using Floracopeia because they not only embody everything I believe in, their oils are reasonably priced and their packaging is superiour to other products I have used.  But why do I use Essential Oils? How important is Aromatherapy?

To answer that question meet another friend of mine:

Christine Frazzitta – Founder and Creator of ZeetaBody - Keeping it Real!

Christine is originally from New York and relocated to Las Vegas in 1999 to work in the engineering industry and live in the sunshine. She now works full time in the health and wellness industry introducing people to yoga and aromatherapy along with a more natural lifestyle. She began practicing Hatha yoga in 2004 and has been teaching since 2009.

I personally met Christine while visiting another yoga teacher in California (Jules Mitchell founder of the South Bay Yoga Conference) And it was just one of those fated things.  Miss Christine shared one of her products with me and it was LOVE at first smell.  I took that sample of “Happy Feet” home and for the next month used it faithfully and seriously no joke, no hype, no BS I experienced a dramatic change in my skin… A really really good change. I contacted Christine and told her I want everyone to know about this stuff…how else does it help? Can it be used for yoga? What else do you recommend? Here’s the rest of the story:

Incorporating aromatherapy and Zeeta Body care products into your yoga classes, your meditations, your breaks, your walks or just your personal care regimen takes each experience to unexpected places, allowing you to get lost in the moment and experience new things.

Aromatherapy as it resonates with Christine

The magical powers of plants amaze me.  Aromatherapy is the use of plants in extract or herbal form, to enhance the personal experience and to heal.  I like to use both dried and fresh herbs, pure essential oils and quality carrier oils to incorporate aromatherapy into my life.  Direct inhalation of clary sage, lavender, rosemary will produce a grounding effect for most people.  Direct application of these same oils (always diluted in a carrier oil) onto the skin will take the essential oils into the blood stream and has many benefits on our system in this way.  All essential oils are antibacterial and mood lifting in nature.  Many of them are also astringents, antimicrobal, antidepressants, acne fighting and smell wonderful!

Aromatherapy & Yoga

Incorporating aromatherapy into yoga classes takes it to a whole new level. The combination allows us to get into our heads and simultaneously get into our hips, shoulders and other physically tight restricted places.  Exploring the combination of asanas with relaxing, calming, grounding essential oils can allow the mind to open up as tension releases in the physical body.  Each Zeeta Body product has listed on the site its properties and how it can help enhance your yoga experience as well as your skin!

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