Who is Aminda

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But who is Aminda?  Well she happens to be many things; a wife, mother, nana, friend, activist, writer,biker, speaker, author, yogi and student. Occasionally she’s an actress, a dancer and science fiction fanatic and many other “things “….

Aminda at Home

But her life calling  is as a Teacher, to live a passionate and joy filled life that inspires others to fully accept themselves and share their gifts with the world. 

That is what it all comes down to…Yoga, Green Living, Nutrition, Meditation, Hypnosis…whatever it is she loves to learn but loves even more to share what she discovers. Having taught high-school drama, speech and debate, tel-comm technical training, diversity, career pathing, customer service she has a life long passion for education. Over the years everything led to one thing, wellness…staying healthy in body, mind and spirit.

But how can she help you? Why is she suited to be a facilitator for other’s wellness and joy? Because she’s been there — she’s as flawed and marvelous as you are. 

Aminda began her career of understanding human movement at the ripe old age of 6 when she entered her first ballet class. At 13, she danced professionally with the Virginia Beach Ballet Company, had a stint with modeling, and spent a lot of time doing theatre and she was thoroughly convinced the actor’s life was for her.. but life has a way of taking us in new directions, so instead of running off to Hollywood she was graced with her 3 sons; twins now 22 years old and her “baby” now 16. (And now she’s a Grandma too!) With a Bachelor of Arts in Communications she taught High School Speech and Drama, and then spent 12 years in corporate America teaching others how to pursue their dreams. She continued her education with masters work in Alternative Dispute Resolution and while studying for that masters her life changed dramatically…

She experienced death in a deeply personal way that shook up her world view and forced her to take a long hard look at the life she was living. This loss changed her view of the world and during her healing she realized that we all go through tough times but happiness doesn’t ever have to stop we just need the tools to rise up from trials.  And rise up she did and even began to actually thrive; and that is how she discovered her passion, helping others lift themselves up and live joyously NOW. (in yoga we call this Santosha – contentment)

It’s a long and winding road to who we are and for Aminda this path started with the physical and blossomed into a full philosophy.

What she realized that children, age, and all those years behind a desk had not been kind to her …behind (or her mind and spirit). She began the journey back to a healthy life and a more joyful life experience. She turned to nutrition, yoga, acupuncture, weight lifting and meditation to rediscover joy. Dedicated to her new healthy lifestyle she quickly realized that combining her experience as a teacher with her new found awareness of healthy living was nearly a no-brainer!  So she set out to learn all she could (and she hasn’t stopped in the decade that followed and probably never will)

Over the years she has taught hundreds of hours of yoga classes, led stretching seminars, trained private clients using weights and cardio equipment, coached people in nutrition and supplements and spent hours just getting to know her clients and their needs.  Whether yoga, nutrition, hypnotherapy, reiki or personal training what she has learned is that everyone wants the same thing, to feel good about themselves, but what that looks like is different for everyone and in the end when we focus simply on the physical true joy is a rather elusive creature…leading her to delve more into the philosophy and science of the mind.  She left behind the world of personal training to focus on yoga and hypnosis and meditation and her highest aim is to combine the mind, body and spirit to help people live joyously NOW.

With over 1000 hours of training and continuing education in weightlifting, kettlebells, and a combination of Power, Yin, Vinyasa, JivaMukti,  and Anjali restorative yoga styles she has a strong background to help you take care of your physical self . With the added benefit of Life Coaching and Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Certification, Yoga Nidra Training, Meditation training in Buddhism, Tantra and Vipassana she can help you delve deep to heal from the inside out and define goals that are reasonable, realistic, achievable and are YOUR goals to wellness and living a joyous life today.

Biker Aminda
When she isn’t teaching, training or hypnotizing people you can see her riding her motorcycle, rafting the colorado river, hiking, hanging with her amazing children, grandson and especially her dashing husband Carl, and of course spoiling her dog, Asimov.  You can find her articles on Elephant Journal, OMyogazine and Wisdom Wheel.

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